Mpapa Group, Malawi

We’re currently supporting a group of 18 women, call the Mpapa group in Balaka in southern Malawi.

The majority of the women are married, bar four of them who are single.  They have children between them and majority of these children go to school. The women run different small business such as farming and stalls selling fish, snacks, cereals and clothes.

We have provided a ‘micro finance’ to enable them to purchase more products for their businesses. They started the business to create self-employment and to provide for their families.

One member of the group Alesi, she is 29 years old, single with two children. She runs a business selling cassava.   She started the business to be self-dependent and has been running it for 2 years. Her ambition is to open a shop at a nearby trading centre and to make improvements to her house.