Chumachanga Group, Malawi

The Chumachanga group is composed of 22 women. All are married except for one who is divorced. They have children of their own and orphans between them. They run various small businesses in order to support their families. They run stalls selling fish, snacks, vegetables, groceries, livestock, cereals and clothes. 

We have provided a ‘micro finance’ to enable them to purchase more products for their businesses. They started the business to create self-employment and to provide for their families.

Agnes is a member of this group. She is 36 years old and married with five children. Her husband works in farming, and she sells groceries. She has requested this loan so she can buy more grocery stock and boost her business. The profits will help her to feed her family and send her children to school. She started the business to meet her financial needs and to provide for her family. One of her family member work in the business and she has been running the business for 3 years. Her desire is to own a motorcycle and to work with an increased capital of MWK 250,000.