We always apply three key elements to everything we fund:

1. Focus our investment

Although we’d love to help absolutely everyone, we have set some criteria to ensure we achieve our ultimate vision and stay within our agreed funding parameters. You can read more about the kind of projects we fund here.

2. Work in partnership

We think it’s really important to work in partnership with the charities we support. We have a clear structure for how this will work:

– Right from the start we set clear, mutually agreed goals

– We aim to work on projects with timeframes of up to two years where possible. This means we have the time to really get to know our partners and learn from them.

– Whilst we maintain a constant dialogue with our partners, we also ask for six-monthly reports so that we understand how things are going. Until we receive this, money is withheld for the next stage.

– We try to offer more than simply financial input into our relationships, the smallest of gestures can sometimes have the biggest results.

3. Be wise with our money

Like any investment, we have to ensure that our money is being looked after. To make sure this happens, we never commit to a project unless we have the funds to see it through to completion. Until the funds are needed, we keep them in high interest accounts.